Quilt-Pro Products and OS-X Mountain Lion

Our products work with Mountain Lion (10.8), but there is a new security
setup that may cause some issues.

10.8 has something called GateKeeper which is intended to protect
Mac users from malware. It’s not exactly virus protection, though.
It has 3 settings:

Allow programs downloaded from:

1 – Mac App Store

2 – Mac App Store and identified developers

3 – Anywhere

If you upgrade to 10.8, and have either option 1 or 2 chosen, and
try to reinstall a downloaded QuiltPro product, you might get a
message saying the security settings don’t allow the installs.
There are two ways around this:

1 – Set the option to Anywhere (it’s in System Preferences/Security
& Privacy)

2 – Find the folder where the file was downloaded to in Finder,
control-click or right-click on the file and choose Open. They’ll
get a warning about the security setting again, but there will be an
Open button. Click on Open to continue with the install. Double
clicking a restricted installer will not work, you have to control
or right click in Finder.

Once you allow a particular installer to run, you won’t be asked
about it again. Different editions of Foundation Factory are considered different
for this security system. If you allow StdEdV1 to install, you’ll
get another warning when you try to install StdEdV2.

If you have a CD and run the installer from there, there won’t be a
security warning. It also appears if you copy a file onto your Mac
from another computer or from a CD or USB drive, there won’t be a
warning. It only restricts files downloaded from the Internet.