Quilt-Pro Version 2 On-line Tutorial

Printing Templates Part I

Q. How do I print templates
for the quilt block I just designed?

A. Quilt Pro can
print templates from blocks, borders, and sashes. You will get tips on printing that will
ensure that templates you get are accurate. Printing templates for a quilt project is
covered in Part II.

Printing Templates From Your Quilt Block Files

I normally recommend that you print templates after you
have completed the design of your quilt but there are times when you willwant to print templates from a block, border, or sash file. You may want to make
a block for a guild meeting, a block swap, for a baby quilt made by other quilters, or any
number of reasons for making just a block without designing a quilt.

First, you will go to Block Open
and select your block from the block library. You may also select any block which you may
have designed yourself. Once the block is on the screen and you are happy with your choice
you will select only the templates you would like to print as shown below.

To select multiple patches first press the select tool button, then press and hold the shift
key. As you continue to hold the shift key, select the patches by clicking your left mouse
button on each patch you need. If you’ll look at the illustration above you will notice
that I have selected 7 patches. Quilt Pro keeps track of how many patches you have

In the illustration above all of
the patches in the selection box are selected. (The selection
box is the dotted line that surrounds the upper right hand corner of the block.) It is
possible to have a selection box around patches that are not selected as in the
illustration below:

In this case only the brown polygon shaped patch is
selected and as you’ll notice Quilt Pro tells you "1 Selected". To
select the triangle you must press and hold the shift key while you click on the triangle.

If you have not selected any patches
you will get a message like this:

If you select the entire block,
Quilt Pro will print a template for every patch in the block. At
this point you might think that Quilt Pro should be a bit more automatic in printing
templates. But what if, for example, you only want 1 triangle template because you lost
one from the first time you printed. If Quilt Pro was automatic then you would have to
print all the templates again. I prefer the flexibility that Quilt Pro provides as it lets
me decide what I want instead of dictating to me what I should have.

Up to this point I have not discussed block size and the
reason is that 90% of the time it won’t matter what size the
block is drawn in as Quilt Pro will automatically resize the block for you. Once you have
selected your patches as discussed above select the File Templates
menu item. The dialog box below is what you will see.

In the boxes labeled Height and Width is where you specify
the Finished block size. Finished
means block size before the addition of the seam allowance. Either type in the the block
size or scroll the arrows until you get the size you want. If you need to make changes to
the printer settings now is the time to do so. When you are done click OK and your printer
will start to print your templates. An illustration of a template printout is shown below.

Quilt Pro will print the block file name, the block title,
the size of the block and, of course, the templates. Barring any printer driver problems
the templates will be dead on accurate. If you find that your templates are not accurate
look for a printer driver for your model printer on the Internet. Most printer
manufacturers have a web presence and will have the drivers available for you to download
free of charge.

To Print Templates from a Quilt go to Part II.

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