Lesson: Quilt in a Quilt Part 5

Completing the quilt design

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Download a new block:

We will be using a block, in the Medallion ring, that is not in the program. Right-click on the filename
and choose ‘Save As’ or ‘Save Target As’ to
download the packet file containing the block:


Save the file to your desktop,
to make it easier to find.  Then use,  File/Open/Packet.

Click the Desktop button and
locate the above file. The block will open on your screen. The block file should be saved
in the main Quilt Pro folder. 

QP4LBL1_19.gif (23093 bytes)
Block File name:

Lesson Block-

Add the retangular
daisy blocks:

Move back to
your Quilt document

Right click on the one of the medallion
ring blocks, the right click menu appears.

Choose Browse Blocks from the menu and the
Browser appears.

Locate the block named:
Lesson Block- DaisyLong.blk in the main Quilt Pro folder.

Drag and drop the block one at a time in
the positions show in the image. You can move your browser out of the way by draging the
title bar.

When the blocks are dropped in the quilt,
some of them may look squashed. Just rotate it using Flip and Rotate Tools.

QP4LBL1_20.gif (67457 bytes)

Click Image to see larger

Add Corner Blocks:

  1. Right click on the Medallion ring and from
    the right click menu choose:  Browse Blocks.
  2. Select the Blocks\Four Patch\Simple Four
    Patch library.
  3. Select then Drag and drop the Spirit of St.
    Louis block into each of the Medallion Ring’s 4 corners. 
  4. To color the medallion ring block the same
    as shown use the fabric palette named: Kaufman – Designer Essentials by Jennifer

QP4LBL1_21.gif (52021 bytes)
Click Image to see larger scale.

the quilt:

Paint the inner
and outer borders as desired.

Save the quilt.

The End

QP4LBL1_22.gif (113820 bytes)

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