Quilt-Pro Version 5
for Macintosh OS-X!

Yes You Can!  

"Yes, You Can! with the new Quilt Pro Version 5 for Macintosh OS-X

The answer is Yes! We asked, and you gave us your answer… you want quilting software that is easier to use!

Introducing the New Quilt-Pro Version 5: With features like One-Touch Block and Fabric Libraries, Quilt Wizard, and our exclusive Quilt-Pro Assistant, Quilt-Pro Version 5 is now easier than ever!"


Explore the New,
Easier-to-use Quilt-Pro 5
Upgrade to Version 5
System Requirements:

MacOS version 10.1.5 or higher
800×600 video display, 256 color (16 bit or higher recommended)
Mouse or other pointing device
Disk Space:
    50MB for a basic installation (no scanned fabrics or embroidery)
    Additional 200MB if you install all the scanned fabrics
    Additional 200MB if you install all the scanned embroidery