Quilt Pro Version 5 for Macintosh OS-X

New features make it easier

Quilt-Pro Version 5 for Macintosh OS-X is the result of more than a year spent talking with quilters just like you. We conducted discussion groups, phone interviews and on-line surveys. We watched quilters use the program and learned by teaching Quilt-Pro classes.

The answer we received from you was very clear: make Quilt-Pro easier to use!

The challenge for us was to make Quilt-Pro simpler and easier to use without sacrificing any of the creativity and flexibility you have come to expect from Quilt-Pro. We invite you to take a look at what’s new in Quilt-Pro Version 5 and you’ll see for yourself all that Quilt-Pro 5 has to offer:

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New Features

Block Library – Our new Block Library replaces the Block Browser. With a single click you can add one of over 1500 blocks to your quilt. Everything is in one place, with no more searching through the Block Browser.



Fabric Library – With just one touch, you can sort fabrics by color, pattern, or theme. No more opening and searching for fabric palettes.



Drop Block into a Quilt – Simply drop your blocks into your quilt. No more need to drag and drop.



Quilt-Pro Assistant – Our Quilt-Pro Assistant is always available to guide you. New information messages will help you as you work. The new User’s Guide is filled with lessons to get you started quickly.



The new Ribbon Bar – gives you instant access to the Quilt Wizard You can also open new files, save, copy & paste and much more just by clicking the icons on the Ribbon Bar.