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Product Guide
Quilt Design Software
Quilt-Pro Version 6 for Windows
Quilt-Pro Version 5 for Macintosh
1-2-3 Quilt!

Print & Sew
Triangle Magic: Half-Square Triangles
Triangle Magic: Qtr-Square Triangles
Easy Foundation Borders
Sew Easy Foundations
Simply Stencils Vol 1
Simply Stencils Vol 2

Foundation Factory
Wacky Blocks Vol 1
Classic Quilt Blocks Vol 1
Classic Quilt Blocks Vol 2
3-D Blocks
Christmas Blocks
Country Fall Blocks
Kaleidoscope Blocks
Quilt Magazine Edition
Standard Edition Volume 1
Standard Edition Volume 2
Totally Twisted Volume 1 NEW!
Totally Twisted Volume 2 NEW!

Carol Doak Designer Collections
Carol Doak Designer Edition
50 Fabulous Stars
40 Bright and Bold

Mariner's Compass Foundations
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

Strip Piecing
Strip Piecing Wizard: Volume 1
Strip Piecing Wizard: Volume 2

Block Collections
2014 Collection
2013 Collection
2012 Collection
2011 Collection
2009 Collection
2008 Collection
2007 Collection

Video Lessons

Welcome to the new video lessons. The video lessons show you how Quilt-Pro works. You can follow along as you see Quilt-Pro in action. The videos narrate each step in the lesson.

To view a video lesson, please download any video lesson that interests you. After downloading the file, simply open it to start the lesson. You computer must have a sound system to hear the narration. (You do not need to download any additional software to view the lessons after downloading.)

Please note that these lessons are for Windows only. Some of the lesson files are quite large (over 10MB) and may take time to download, especially if you have a 56K modem.

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