Turning Dresden Plates Inside Out
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Turning Dresden Plates Inside Out

In this lesson, we’ll play with Dresden Plate blocks. It’s easy to take the Dresden Plate designs from the Quilt-pro Library and turn the petals “Inside Out” You can do this in just 3 easy steps and you’ll see how easy it is to take a block from the library and make it your own.

We’ve included a set of bonus “inside out” Dresden plate blocks for you. Click here to download.

Step 1: Find a Dresden Plate Block

You can easily find a Dresden Plate block in the Quilt-Pro Library and quickly transfer it to the Design Wall.

Let’s start by opening Quilt-Pro and then clicking on the Block Library tool in the Tool Bar.

Search for blocks named “Dresden” by typing the word Dresden in the search area and then click the search button. Quilt-Pro will display all the blocks with the word Dresden in the name.

Select Dresden Plate #3 and click the open button to place the block on the Design Wall.

Step 2: Changing the design

To turn the Block “Inside Out” as seen above, select the four Dresden Plate petals in the upper right and move them to the lower left. Repeat this for the other petals until you have the block as shown below.

You can leave the center circle in the design or delete it. Your choice. You can now re-color the block as you choose with the paint tools.

Step 3: Saving the Block

You can save your new “inside out” block as a separate block and keep the original library block intact by using the Save As function. Here’s how:

  1. Click on “Save as” in the File menu
  2. Give your block a new name, for example you could call it “Inside out Dresden Plate”.
  3. Press the Save button.
  4. Quilt-Pro will save the block to your block library. The original block “Dresden Plate #3” will be unchanged.

Part 2: Printing the Dresden Plate pattern

There are two useful ways to print this pattern for sewing: English Paper-Piecing or templates. (Dresden Plate isn’t suitable for strip-piecing or paper-piecing.)

Before you print, you might want to change the line thickness to make cutting the petals apart easier. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Options menu and select “Pen settings”.
  2. Change the pen width to 3 (or whatever you want.)
  3. Click the Apply button to preview and then the close button.

Pro Tips for printing English Paper-Piecing patterns:

With the English Paper-Piecing technique, you’ll be printing patterns for all the petals in the block. Now is the time that you want to determine the finished size of your block. We’ll make our block 12” x 12”

  1. Open the Print Center by clicking on Print Center in the File Menu
  2. Choose “Print Block”
  3. Change the size of the block to 12 x 12” (or desired size)
  4. Click on “Print outlines only” (optional) so that you don’t print colored blocks
  5. Click the Print Preview button

As you probably already guessed, this block is larger than a sheet of paper and Quilt-Pro is spilling the petals onto multiple pages. You could print out all 4 pages and then tape the petals together, but there is a better way.

Since all the Dresden Plate petals are the same, we can print out just 4 petals and print multiple copies of the same 4 petals. The 4 petals will fit on one page and no pages to tape together! Here’s how.

  1. Close the print center and return to the Design Wall.
  2. Click on the Effects menu and select “Resize to” to change the size of the block on the Design wall. Change the size to 12 x 12” This will insure that the petals are the size you want.
  3. Select the four petals in the upper left.
  4. Re-open the Print Center and select Print Block

You’ll see that Quilt-Pro is ready to print just the 4 petals that you selected. Click on the Print Preview button to preview. When you are ready to print, select 4 copies of the printout and begin printing.

Printing Templates for Dresden Plates

If you’d like to use templates, use the template option in the Print Center. Follow the steps in the Wizard and select one patch to be your petal template.

Click on the Print Preview button or the Print button to print the template

Happy Stitching, 

–The Quilt-Pro Team

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