Block Twister

Need to add an update to your favorite foundation blocks? Getting bored with the same old patterns? Why not “twist” your blocks? Let’s see how Quilt-Pro can help you create many new blocks from just one block!  The twister is just one of many tools that can help you create new blocks without drawing. It’s one of my favorite Quilt-Pro tools!

You can transform a simple block with the twister tool

You can add twists to any library block (or just draw a square!)

The Twister Tool

You’ll find the Twister tool in the Effects Menu (Effects Menu/Twister)

The twister tool gives you everything you need to twist any block.

Twister Tool: You can set the angle of the twists and also the direction (left or right) of the twists

With the twister tool, you can control the angle of the twists, how many twists you want and whether you want to twist left and/or right. Don’t like the twists? You can also undo your changes and reset your block. (Our detailed lesson on Twisting explains all the features in more detail.)

Watch the video to see the twister in action.

Designer Tip: Prefer a more traditional-looking block? Use the 45 degree setting to give your block a traditional “square in a square” look. The last twist of the block in our video shows you the 45 degree angle for the “square in a square” look.

Set the Twister to 45 degrees to create “square in a square” blocks: Each “twist” creates a new look.

Want to learn more? Click here for a detailed step-by-step lesson in twisting. We also show you how to set up twisted blocks for paper-piecing.

We’ve also included bonus blocks for you to use while mastering this amazing Quilt-Pro technique! Get your bonus blocks here. 

We hope this tutorial makes you want to Twist & Shout! 

— The Quilt-Pro Team

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Hi Erica, thanks for the video. Am just starting to find my way around Quilt-Pro and sure like what I see so far. See you at the next quilt show, Penny

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