Quilt-Pro for Mac Version 5.2 Update

What’s New With Quilt-Pro for Mac?

We’re very pleased to announce a new FREE update to Quilt-Pro Version 5 for Mac. This update is available to all current Version 5 customers at no charge! Here’s a quick overview on what we’ve added:

Use your Mouse wheel to scroll around the Design Area

Now you can use your mouse wheel to scroll up/down and left/right.  Rolling the mouse wheel will scroll vertically. If your mouse wheel supports left-right movement, you can scroll horizontally. Holding the Command key down while rolling the mouse wheel will zoom in and out.

You can also use the keyboard to scroll and zoom.

Import (and export) SVG Files!

Quilt-Pro for Mac. Version 5.2 now lets you import any SVG file directly into Quilt-Pro. Once imported, you can color, rotate, change the size of your SVG file, just like you would if you had created it in Quilt-Pro.

You can also export any patch (or an entire block) as an SVG file. You can even add a seam allowance. (We’ll show you how in a future blog post.). Just imagine what you can do with templates and English Paper-Piecing projects when you combine Quilt-Pro and your favorite cutting machine!

Information on using the keyboard to scroll and zoom:
  • Scroll vertically with Option-UpArrow or Option-DownArrow.
  • Scroll horizontally with Option-LeftArrow or Option-RightArrow.
  • To zoom in use Option-Minus(-), zoom out with Option-Plus(+).
  • Scroll back to top left of screen with Option-Home.
  • Zoom Fit-To-Screen with Option-F.
  • Zoom to Actual Size (100%) with Option-Zero(0).

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