Magic Mirror

This week’s blog post will introduce you to the Magic Mirror, or, as I like to call it, the “Block Builder!” With the Magic Mirror, you can so easily put together block elements to create new blocks you might never have thought of!

How it Works:

Before you begin, open a new blank window.

If you have a block open, Quilt-Pro will place it in the Magic Mirror.  To open the Magic Mirror, click on the Effects Menu and select Magic Mirror. The Magic Mirror box will open. Here’s what you’ll see:

Magic Mirror: ready to create blocks

The purpose of the Magic Mirror is let you easily put together block elements and flip and rotate them to create new blocks without having to place all the block elements on the design wall or create a complete quilt. You can think of it as a way to easily audition or play with block elements.

To begin, choose the overall size of your block and how many elements you want. In this example, we have a 4” overall block and 4 elements of 2 across and 2 down for a 4 patch block. (Of course, you can increase the number of sections for Nine Patch or more complex blocks.

You’ll see the block elements on the right. Click on the Block button to select a block element and then click on the block area. If “Affect All Sections” is on, Quilt-Pro will place the same element in all 4 sections. Unclick this box to place just one element in a section. Keep placing different elements as you like.

Turning and Flipping Elements:

Once you have the block elements you like, you can turn and flip the elements to create blocks you like. Use the flip and rotate tools (These work the same as they do on the Design Wall.) Somewhat more advanced tools are the Flip Diagonal tools and Copy and Swap tools.

Here is the Magic Mirror with a block

Magic Mirror with a four-patch block

Here is the Magic Mirror with a nine-patch block:

Magic Mirror with a nine-patch block

Saving your block:

Ready to place your block on the Design Wall? It’s easy, just click on the OK button. Once the block is on the Design Wall, you can re-color it, change the size and save it.

Design Wall Tips

  • Click on the Start Over button to “erase” your block and get a clean slate.
  • Click on/off the color display to get a “wireframe” view of your block. Try it, you’re bound to see new design and/or coloring possibilities in any block.

Using the Magic Mirror with Quilt-Pro Library Blocks:

You can use the Magic Mirror for more than just the basic block elements we’ve provided. You can also use the Magic Mirror to try-out any block in the Quilt-Pro Library.

To access the Block Library, just click on “Block Library” in the drop-down menu at the top. You can then access any block you’d like to try out. Think of it as a quick way to see how blocks will look repeated, or flipped and turned without having to put together a quilt.

To return to the block elements, just click on the View Basics button.

Watch the Video: Watch the video below to see the Magic Mirror in action. In this video, we’re creating four-patch and a nine-patch blocks.

Click here to download the blocks we’ve created using the Magic Mirror.

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