QuiltPro 6 for Windows Upgrade

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QuiltPro 6 for Windows Upgrade

$90.00 $60.00

This upgrade is for customers who own a prior version of Quilt-Pro.  The qualifying versions include Quilt-Pro for Windows versions 1-5. You will need your prior version serial number in order to activate the program.

If you currently own version 6, you may download the update from the Support/Updates page.

Upgrade includes the following features: 

1. Quilt-Pro can now import SVG files.
2. If you had layers enabled in a block document and used the quilt wizard to create a new quilt, layers were disabled.
3. The Print Center would rotate some blocks thinking that they were not straight when they were straight.
4. The is a new option in the status bar to hide the pen of all shapes. If you export from a document with the pen hidden, the exported file will have hidden pens.
5. The mouse wheel can now be used to scroll a document and zoom in/out.
6. Keyboard controls are now available to scroll a document and zoom in/out.
7. You can now open a QuiltPro file or import a emf/wmf/svg file by dragging it from Windows and dropping it on a QuiltPro window.
8. When exporting a graphic image (jpg,png,bmp,etc.), you can now specify the dpi setting of the resulting graphic image.
9. Pressing the Enter key while typing a Project Note will no longer close the Note dialog.
10. Quilt-Pro now exports seam allowance in SVG files.
11. Text can now be created from any Windows font as patches. To use this feature, select text tool, draw box. In the dialog that pops up, click 'Create Text as shapes'. Works best with a large font size.

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If you own version 6 currently, you may download the current update one of two ways:

Open the program, and then click on the Help menu and select “Check for Updates” This option will check  to see if any updated versions of Quilt-Pro are available for download. You must be connected to the Internet to download any updates.

You may also update your copy of Quilt-Pro by downloading the update installer from our updates page. Then install by following the on-screen directions. Please be sure the program is closed before applying the update.

Link to the updates: