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Quilt-Pro Version 6 for Windows: New Features: Strip-Piecing Charts

Strip-Piecing Chart

Strip-Piecing Charts

Now make easy and accurate Strip-Piecing Charts with Quilt-Pro

Strip-Piecing Charts are just a few mouse clicks away with Quilt-Pro.  Just set the length of the fabric strips, the size of the finished block and number of copies you want and Quilt-Pro will do the rest!

Each Strip-Piecing chart tells you how many strips to cut, how wide each strip should be and how many shapes to cut for each fabric.

You can create Strip-Piecing charts for a single block or an entire quilt. 

If you create Strip-Piecing charts for a quilt, Quilt-Pro will automatically fill in the block size and number of copies based on the quilt you created.

Please note that Strip-Piecing charts replace the rotary-cutting charts in Version 5.

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