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Quilt-Pro 6 for Windows: Exploring Quilt-Pro

 Quilt-Pro 6

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Quilt-Pro Helps you Create any Quilt you can Imagine

How does Quilt-Pro work? Start with a quilt block or create a quilt and fill it with your favorite quilt blocks. Add fabrics and then print out yardage calculations, templates, strip-piecing charts or foundations to make your quilt.

Create a quilt on Quilt-Pro's Design Wall

Creating your quilt

Quilt-Pro gives you so many choices to create your next quilt: Everything you need is in the Quilt Wizard. First, choose your quilt layout: Then, choose your block size and how many blocks you want. Add borders and sashes. Have fun experimenting with the same block in different layouts!

Classic Quilt Layouts: Straight, Diagonal and On-Point

Fancy Quilt Layouts: Hexaongal,"Baby Blocks", Medallion and "Freeform"

Add Borders and Sashes

  • Add a plain border or a pieced border  to any quilt.
  • Choose any block to become your border or choose a border design from our special library of  pieced-border patterns.
  • You can also add plain or pieced sashes


Use the Block Library to add transform plain borders into pieced borders.

Make your quilt exactly the size you want

  • Choose a standard size, such as King, Queen, Full, Twin or Crib. Or, choose a custom size by choosing the block size you want, the number of blocks and the border and sash width.
  • Quilt-Pro will always tell you the finished size of the quilt.
  • Don’t worry about seam allowances: Quilt-Pro will take care of it!


Use the Size Tab in the Quilt Wizard to make your quilt exactly the size you want

Add Blocks

  • Add any block to your quilt: Just open our block library, choose a block and drop it into the quilt.  Our block library has 2500 blocks—so many choices!

  • You can also add any block that you’ve created to any quilt.

  • Create your personal collection of blocks with Block Favorites

  • Choose Sampler settings, alternate blocks for “checkerboard” quilts or repeat the same block

 Block Library

Add Fabrics

  • Instantly change the look of your quilt by adding fabrics. Choose from over 5000 fabrics from our library of  fabrics from America’s leading fabric manufacturers. Easily search for fabrics by color or pattern. You can even choose your favorite fabrics and have Quilt-Pro keep them for you!
  • You can also keep up with the latest fabrics by going to and downloading new fabric collections—download as much as you want: it’s Free!


View Fabrics by Color in the Fabric Library

Change your Mind?

Want to change the quilt you’ve just created? No problem! Just open the Quilt Wizard and change your quilt layout, the block size, number of blocks or any other option. Quilt-Pro will instantly change your quilt.

You can also change out fabrics or blocks at any time.

More Quilting Tools for the Creative Quilter

Ready to try something different? Quilt-Pro can make it happen!

  • “Audition” quilting stencils with the layers feature—place quilting stencils right on top of your blocks.
  • Make Landscape quilts with the “freeform” layout
  • Try a medallion quilt with the Medallion layout


User the Layers Tools to add quilting stencils to your quilt


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