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Karen's Quilt

Part 1 of 4
The Inner Quilt


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This quilt is a very complex design. We will cover a unique technique not covered in the manual. While any one can master the techniques we will cover, I think you will be surprised to see what Quilt Pro can do. The flexibility of Quilt Pro can amaze even the most advanced Quilt Pro user.

Before we begin there are some labels used, for the different parts of the quilt, in these instructions that you need to know.  I list these here just to avoid confusion later.  See the illustration.

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Click image to see a larger view.

Now we are ready to begin.

Open block:1_4PatchBlk.jpg (3340 bytes)
  1. Using the Block Browser, open the Simple Four Patch block. It can be found in the Block folder under Four/Simple Four Patch category.
  2. Paint as desired. See Illustration above. (block image)


Design the Inner quiltlayout.

Block Tab:2_KarensQlt.jpg (47197 bytes)

  1. Layout: Straight
  2. Block Count: 5 across and 5 down.
  3. Block setting: Alternate
  4. Block Width: 4"
Borders Tab:
  1. Click either Add Border, or Delete Border so that this quilt has 2 borders.
  2. Click the Current Border arrows until the border number 1 shows in the box.

Border 1:

  1. Border Type: Vertical Straight
  2. Horizontal Fitting and Vertical Fittings: Specific Count = 1, Width = 1".

Border 2:

  1. Border Type: Horizontal Straight
  2. Horizontal Fitting and Vertical Fittings: Specific Count = 1, Width = 1"
Sashes Tab:
  1. Inner Sash box - unchecked (not enabled).

Quilt Size = 24" square.

Click the OK button. Your quilt should look like the illustration above.

Save this as: Inner quilt.


Go on to the next part:

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