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Baby Block Quilt

Manual layout

Block Setting -  Single

Size: 58 3/8" high X
52 3/4" wide


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About the Baby Block and Lesson Plan

This months lesson is the Baby Block quilt. The Baby Block has been around since 1851 and goes by many names.  Other names for the Baby Block are Tumbling Block, Stair Step, Building Blocks, Cubework, Varigated Diamonds and others. Whichever name you use for this block, this is still a great project for using up all the scraps you have laying around from your other quilting projects.

And this lesson, the Baby Block Quilt, will be different from other projects we have done.  What will make it different?  This lesson will include sewing instructions as well as designing instructions.

  1. Part One: It's our first lesson using the Freeform layout.
  2. Part Two:  Learn to print templates or the English paper piecing method of piecing.
  3. Part Three:  The lesson will include the sewing instructions and photographs for a the quilt top. 


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