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Baby Blocks Quilt

Part 2

English Paper Piecing



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Baby Block Quilt Part 2

In the last lesson we learned how to design the Baby Block quilt using Quilt Pro. In this lesson, I will show you how to print templates to make the Baby Block Quilt using the English paper piecing method of piecing using freezer paper.

Supplies needed:

Freezer paper

Note:  I find that using a paper cutter, such as those found in office supply stores, works great for cutting large quantities of freezer paper into   8½ x 11 size.

Print Templates:

Templates for the English paper piecing are different than you would print for regular piecing.  With English paper piecing, your templates are printed on freezer paper and without a seam allowance. Before you can print the templates, you need to get and cut freezer paper into the largest size paper your printer can use.  For most printers the following sizes are available: 

8½ x 11, 11x14 and for some lucky folks 14 x 17".  Check your printer documentation for more information. 

Note: DO NOT use freezer paper in Laser printers.  Freezer paper has a waxy side that will stick to the insides of the laser printer and will ruin the printer. 

To select the templates:
  1. Open the Baby Block quilt project design from the last lesson.
  2. Click on the block area, the entire quilt center will appear selected.
  3. From the File Menu, choose Templates. The Template Wizard will appear.
  4. The first page of the wizard shows the size of the quilt.  Since you have already determined the size you want to make the quilt, in the quilt layout dialog box, click the Next button.Wizard1.gif (14530 bytes)
  5. On the next page of the wizard, you will see all the unique patches selected.  Click the "Unselect All" button.
  6. Then following the example below, click on approximately 6-9 vertical patches.  Click thumbnail image to see a larger illustration, then click your back button to come back.
  7. Click the Next button to go on the the next page. The printer margin page appears.  Ignore settings for now and click the Preview button instead.

Remove the seam allowances:Wizard2.gif (29780 bytes)

  1. The templates are now on the template preview screen. 
  2. Select the quilt thumbnail preview and the related text and delete it.  This will allow you to put more templates within the printable area of the paper.  Click thumbnail image to see a larger illustration, then click your back button to come back.
  3. From the Edit menu, click on Select All.
  4. Without disturbing the selected templates, right click on one of the templates.
  5. From the popup menu, select Remove Template. The seam allowances will disappear. 
  6. With the templates still selected, move the entire selection to the top of the screen.Wizard3.gif (12643 bytes)
  7. Move each template as close together as possible, to allow you to print more per page.  (Click thumbnail image to see a larger illustration, then click your back button to come back. )
  8. Using the ruler on top and to the left, adjust templates so the entire group is located within the printable range of the paper size you have.  See above for details on paper sizes. ( or click here).  Remember to allow for printer margins.  For example:  if your paper size is 8½ x 11 and your left and right printer margins are each ¼" and the top and bottom margins are each ½" then your printable range of the paper size is 8" X 10".  Your templates will have to be inside the 0 - 8"   across the Top and 0-10" along the sides.  Quilt Pro will automatically place the 0 edge inside the margin.  See the illustration above for clarification.
  9. Before printing, save your template page just like you would any other block.  You may be using this page many times to complete the whole quilt.  If you name it Baby Block Templates, it will be easy to find.


  1. Place freezer paper in the paper tray so the glossy side is down, and the printer prints on the dull side.  Or visa versa, depending on your printer.  If unsure, read your printer manual.  Remember...DO NOT use laser jets when using freezer paper.
  2. Now this instruction will sound weird, but when it's time to print use menu File/Print, NOT File/Template.  File/Template will only put the seam allowances back on the patches, and we don't want that.  The print dialog box will appear.
  3. Because the templates on the screen were taken directly from the quilt, the size of the template is the exact size needed. With that in mind, the Print Size you need to select is:  Actual Size.
  4. Add the number of copies you need in the appropriate box.  How many copies will you need?  Here is how to determine the quantity.   The number of Baby Blocks X 3, as each block is made up of 3 diamond shapes.   Then count the number of templates you have on the screen,  Divide that number into the amount you need and you have the number of copies you need to print and the amount of freezer paper sheets you need.  Remember, you don't have to print all the pages at one time.  Print what you can make in a few days, then come back and print more. 
  5. Click the print button.Wizard4.gif (34329 bytes)
  6. When you have the inner baby blocks complete,   you will return to the quilt and print templates for the patches which were cut in 1/2 vertically and horizontally.  See the illustration.


This is the End

This is the end of part 2 of the Baby Block quilt instructions.  To see actual piecing instructions go on to Part 3, now available by clicking here


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