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Create a Bitmap
Quilt Pro

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Did you know you can create bitmap files, with Quilt Pro, that you can use in other programs?  This little feature was added to Quilt Pro version 3.4 but has gone pretty much unnoticed and unadvertised.  Which is why we are bringing it to your attention in this lesson. Version 3.4  is available for download for current owners of Quilt Pro Version 3.0 and above. Look for updates in our website support area

We will make a Bitmap file from a block in the Quilt Pro library!

  1. With a new block window open, go to the block menu and select Browse.  The file browser appears.
  2. From the Block/Circle folder locate the My Color Wheel block.  Drag and drop it on to the work area.
  3. Re-paint the block if you so desire.
  4. When Quilt Pro creates the bitmap, it is made in a size approximate to the size on the screen.  So it would be a good idea at this point to zoom in or zoom out on the block to set the approximate size of the image you will need.
ZoomIn.gif (1124 bytes) Zoom In enlarges the visual appearance of the block
ZoomOut.gif (1132 bytes) Zoom Out reduces the visual appearance of the block.
  1. From the File menu, select Save As.  The save dialog box appears. 
  2. First make note of where you are saving the bitmap.  If you are unsure of how to do this look at the illustration below. Please don't ask tech support "I created a bitmap. Where is it?"  They would have no way of knowing.  There is no specific location for saving bitmaps as there is for saving other Quilt Pro files such as blocks, borders and quilt projects.  For more information on locating files see the Note below.

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  1. The blocks current file name, My Color Wheel.blk,  is shown in the File name box.  You may change the name if you desire but do remove the file extension from the block name, in this case .BLK.  In addition, delete the period as well.   See the illustration below.

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That's it!  You now have a bitmap named My Color Wheel.bmp  The file saved is no longer a block that can be used in Quilt Pro as a block.  The most you can do with it in Quilt Pro, is place it in the fabric palette as use as you would any fabric.   However, the block in the library and the block remaining on your Quilt Pro work area has been un changed. 

NOTE:  If you have created a bitmap and then still can't find it.  use Windows Find Files and Folder feature   found by clicking on the Start Button.  It's a great tool and all you have to know is either the name, type of file -- *.BMP, or date it was created.

OR: begin at the Start button and select Documents.  Your file may be listed there and it may open up in the program you wanted to use it in. 


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