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Mariner's Compass Blocks: Vol. 2
Sew Easy Mariner's Compass Blocks without Templates: 100 new designs, no templates!

Try this new collection of 100 Mariner's Compass blocks--all ready for foundation piecing! From traditional Mariner's Compass to innovative designs, you'll be thrilled to add these new blocks to your collection. Best of all, wedge-shaped foundation units make sewing these blocks a breeze!

Try Block Factory - Mariner's Compass Edition to sew Mariner's Compass blocks as foundations and eliminate the head-aches of templates..
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Product Information: Mariner's Compass Vol 2

What is the Mariner's Compass CD?
The purpose of the Block Factory, Mariner's Compass, is to enable you to print Mariner's Compass foundation blocks on your home printer. 
  • Mariner's Compass Vol. 2 comes with 100 new and innovative Mariner's Compass blocks  You can print the blocks as foundations or templates.

  • The CD includes tips for foundation-piecing Mariner's Compass blocks and step-by-step guides.
Choosing Blocks
  • To choose a block to print, click on the block folder and then double click on the block you want.
Printing the number and size of blocks you need
  • Set number of copies you want: Block Factory tells you how many pages you'll need.

  • Change size of block by adjusting the width and height Block Factory tells you how many blocks will fit on each page.

  • Distort blocks by setting the width and height separately. Your can easily change circular blocks into ovals.

  • Block Factory previews the foundation pattern and shows you a sample of the finished block.

  • You can print large blocks with sections easily by printing each section on it's own sheet of paper. This eliminates the need to tape large foundations patterns together.
Automatic Printing Options
  • Automatically flips the original block to print as a foundation.

  • Automatically sections blocks when needed.

  • Automatically adds a 1/4" seam allowance around each section of a block.
Printing Options
  • Flip blocks horizontally and vertically.

  • Turn printing numbers on or off.

  • Use the Print Grays option to see designs more clearly.

  • Print seam allowances as dashed or dotted lines.

  • Print Large Sections separately prints each section on a separate page. Useful for large blocks over 8 x 8 inches.

  • Mirror for Iron-On option reverses numbers for iron-on transfer paper.
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