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Combine these 36 foundation units to make endless new blocks. Sample blocks you can make with one foundation unit. Sample 9 Patch blocks you can make with two or more units.
Sample printout from Sew Easy Foundations.
Sew Easy Foundations
Just 36 "Sew Easy" Foundation Units: Sew Many Blocks!

The new Sew Easy Foundation system makes designing your own blocks a snap! Just print out the  foundation units and combine them to create limitless quilt blocks!

Comes with 36 foundation units in 7 sizes from 1 inch to 7 inches.

Includes dozens of block ideas which show you how to combine the units together to make the blocks.
Windows For Windows:
Download Only: $19.95


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Product Information: Sew Easy Foundations

What are Sew Easy Foundations?
The purpose of Sew Easy Foundations is to print foundation units and combine the units to make quilt blocks. This program comes with 36 foundation "units" that you can combine together to make new quilt blocks. Each foundation units comes in seven different sizes, from 1 inch to 7 inches.

How to use Sew Easy Foundations
Print a pattern sheet of foundation units and cut along the green lines to cut away any excess paper.

Foundation piece the units.

Sew the units together in any combination to make a block.

Extra Features

Sew Easy Foundations includes:
  • Step-by-Step tutorial on how to foundation-piece.

  • Design ideas on how to combine units together to create new block designs.

About Print & Sew

Easy Foundation Borders is the third program in the new Print & Sew series from Quilt-Pro Systems. Print & Sew is a handy print utility program that can print triangle papers, foundation borders, foundation blocks and so much more! So easy to use, just click, print and sew!
For Windows version:

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 or later
Mouse or other pointing device
65.5 MB Hard Disk Space

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Version Size Cable/DSL 56K Modem 28.8K Modem
Windows 5,679,072
(5.7 MB)
0 min 3 sec 17 min 51 sec 32 min 51 sec

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