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Sample Blocks: Program comes with 500 blocks. Sample Strip-Piecing Chart. Sample yardage chart.
Strip Piecing Wizard: Vol. 1
Now Strip Piecing is easier than ever with the Strip-Piecing Wizard!

Create strip-piecing charts for one block or an entire quilt.  Each chart tells you how many strips to cut, the width of each strip and how many squares & triangles to cut.Strip-Piecing Wizard gives you easy-to-follow charts for accurate blocks every time!

Easy to Use: just click and print! Easily change the size of any block. Each chart tells you how much fabric to use. Comes with 500 classic quilt blocks. Strip-Piecing Wizard is a complete stand-alone program.
Windows For Windows:
Download Only: $29.95


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Product Information: Strip Piecing Wizard, Vol 1

What is the Strip-Piecing Wizard?
The purpose of Strip-Piecing Wizard is to enable you to print strip-piecing charts on your home printer. You can print a chart for single or multiple blocks. You can also change the size of any block.
  • Strip-Piecing Wizard: Volume 1 comes with over 500 classic quilt blocks.

  • Each strip-piecing chart includes a yardage calculation charts so you'll know how much fabric you will need to complete your quilt.
Choosing Blocks
  • To choose a block to print, click on the block folder and then double click on the block you want.
Printing the number and size of blocks you need
  • Set the finished size of the block. Strip-Piecing Wizard automatically adds seam allowances.

  • Strip-Piecing Wizard shows you the recommended sizes for each block.  You can also set a custom size.

  • Set the number of blocks you want to strip-piece. Strip-Piecing Wizard can chart a single block or multiple blocks.   

  • Set the length of the fabric strips you want to cut. You can cut strips from fat quarters or full lengths of fabric.

  • You  can easily preview any chart before you print it.
Strip-Piecing Charts
  • Each chart shows you a finished block and a diagram of the blocks with each patch lettered. (Click here to see a sample chart.)

  • Strip-Piecing Wizard shows you how many strips to cut for each fabric, how wide each strip should be and how many squares and/or triangles to cut.

  • Each chart includes a yardage chart.
For Windows version:

Windows 95/98/2000/XP/7/8.0/8.1 or later
Mouse or other pointing device
20.0 MB Hard Disk Space

Est. Download Times for Strip Piecing Wizard Vol 1

Version Size Cable/DSL 56K Modem 28.8K Modem
Windows 4,715,464
(4.7 MB)
0 min 3 sec 14 min 49 sec 27 min 17 sec

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